Here are the past bucks I have sold that are reference sires to several of my does and kids. Billy Goat Bluff Sephiroth was my first fainting goat and more quickly followed after him.

Tippy Goat Farm Zven. DOB: 04/23/11 out of twins. Sire: Tippy Goat Farm Blue Buckaroo. Dam: Tippy Goat Farms Sterling. Zven is polled and blue eyed. Very nice buck who should be medium sized when full grown. Kept two of his bucklings and a doeling.

B1840 & F2-0176 West Wind Acres Calypso Moon. DOB: 05/01/10, single. Sire: Sanes Creek Ranch Sundance Kid. Dam: Bells Goats Half Moon. Moon is moon spotted and disbudded. He has thrown moon spots as well as excellent conformation on his kids. Sold due to keeping four of his daughters.

B2404 & F2-0179 Faint-Hearted Ranch Pizzaz. DOB: 02/01/11, twin. Sire: Take Heart Gadget. Dam: Ahart Acres Mimzi . Pazzaz is a true red and white, has sky blue eyes and is polled. He comes from CA and is proven breeder throwing some very nice kids so far. Sold due to keeping two of his bucklings and two daughters. 
B4419 & F2-0177 7F Ranch Rosenrot. DOB: 02/15/11 out of twins. Sire: Fern Hill Titan's Mark FHF. Dam: Over EZ Acres Rose 7FR. Blue eyed and is polled. Very nice buck who comes from TX. Beautiful deep red, he's thrown his coloring, polled and blue eyed genes onto his kids. Sold due to retaining two bucks and several doe kids.

Lickskillet Acres Sully. DOB: coming soon. Sire: Brown Shop Road Samuel. Dam: Lickskillet Acres Strawberry Shortcake. Sully will be a medium sized buck and is polled and blue eyed. He wasn't friendly when I got him and he got to the point if I put him with a doe to breed her, he'd freak out and not breed since he was away from his buddies so I found him a new home with Thorn. Kept his daughters Abby & Heidi.

B4417 Sawtree Ridge Thorn. DOB: 03/07/11, out of twins. Sire: Apache Landing Butler. Dam: Sawtree Ridge Curly Blue. Thorn is a real nice bay roan buck, you can see the red framed by the blue. He bred one doe. Due to his horns and him pushing my young disbudded/polled bucks around, I found him a home with Sully since they got along good. Reference for Minx.

B0722 Brassring Blue Virgil. DOB: 01/30/10 out of triplets. Sire: Leon Oliver's Sport Model. Dam: S-L Kattie. Virgil is my blue and white disbudded buckling from Lisa at Brassring in TN. Excited to see his 2012 kids. Virgil is 17 inches tall on 01/16/11. Reference for Vallerie and Violette.

B0441 7F Ranch Dero. DOB: 01/18/10, single. Sire: Bakken's Mighty Max. Dam: Over EZ Acres Rose. Marbled blue eyed, disbudded and gold with a little white. Sire is Apache Landing bred and dam is Okie Arks bred. Very nice buck who comes from TX. Dero is 18 inches on 12/04/11. Bred him to a few does before he was sold. Have his daughter Rue.



 A5480. GAE Blackheart. DOB: 05/09/07 out of twins. Sire: TPF Apple Jax. Dam: GAE Spice. Blackheart went 15 minutes down the road from me. Due to having one of his half sister and two daughters and wanted to breed for different bloodlines, I found him a great new home.

A6074. GAE Full Throttle. DOB: 04/17/07 single. Sire: Heiken's Ark Zeus. Dam: Rolling Hills Sparkle. Full Throttle was used to breed three does before being sold. Due to his horns and aggressive nature to the other goats, fences, and me, I did not think it was worth keeping him around. He was very mean to the other bucks and was beating the crap out of them, and he threw extra teats on his kids. As you can see he had his own pen otherwise he would run my bucks ragged trying to beat them up.



A2483 & 7055-H TPF Moses. DOB: 03/23/05 out of twins. Sire: Beechkeld 0357 Cassanova. Dam: Cagney. Blue eyed. Great granddaughter Nebel's doeling, granddaughter Freeza and greatgrandson Dante.


A5481 Tye Dye Acres Kratos. DOB: 04/29/07 out of twins. Sire: Tye Dye Acres Mike's '85 GMC. Dam: Tye Dye Acres Patty. I used Kratos for breeding back in 2007 but sold him and all of his kids. Now I regret it!

A3293 Tye Dye Acres Mike's '85 GMC. DOB: 04/26/05 out of twins. Sire and dam unknown. He was used for breeding in 2007-2008. Have his great-granddaughter Freeza.


A3294 Tye Dye Acres JD. DOB: 08/01/04. Sire and dam unknown. JD was my second fainting buck. He produced awesome kids. Have his granddaughter Freeza.


A3262 Billy Goat Bluff Sephiroth. DOB: 01/29/04 out of twins. Sire: Little Big Man Seth. Dam: Coyote Creek Suzanna Surprise. Seth was my first fainting goat.